Stache Pag XI

On March 30, 2019 at Portland House of Music and Events, Twelve Men will put on a show unlike any other in the city of Portland….

Part beauty pageant, part talent show, part moustache contest… it’s the Stache Pag.

2019 Stache Pag Fueled by:

Here’s the tried and true Program…The night begins with a moustache parade as the contestants walk slowly, single-file, through the crowd towards the stage, allowing their fans to bear witness first hand to all that is the beauty of their staches… and then each contestant participates in the five-part event:

  • Catwalk Strut – Each contestant gets introduced on the catwalk.
  • Rapid Fire 5-second statue – Everybody is onstage. When the music stops, freeze!
  • Stache Pag Kung Fu Challenge – An obstacle course meant to highlight skills.
  • Facial Hair-aoke – Sing for it man!
  • Esteemed panel of “Maine Celebrity Judges” will present these awards:

The Burgundy – Best Natural Moustache, no beard.

1899 Maine Legislature – Best Styled Moustache, no beard.

The Castaway – Best Full Beard Natural.

The Thigh Tickler – Best Freestyle Facial Hair, anything goes.

Mr. Stache Pag – Best in Show

Tickets will go on sale on Christmas Eve.

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(header photograph by Samuel Cousins)